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Do you have foggy windows?

It is normal for fog to appear inside or outside the house. However, if the fog appears between two panes of glass, your insulated glass unit’s seal has failed you.

What causes the insulated glass unit’s seal to fail?

This phenomenon occurs when the spacer that joins the two panes of glass is no longer 100% sealed against the glass, creating air infiltration. This is not visible to the naked eye, but this opening allows air and condensation to penetrate the interior of the insulated glass unit, causing the window to lose its insulating properties.

Different factors can contribute to the failure, but for the most part, time and/or faulty materials can explain it.

What causes the insulated glass unit’s seal to fail?
  • Droplets of water between the glass - a sign that condensation has seeped in
  • Mist - you feel like it is always dirty
  • Oxidized Low-E film - coloured like an oil stain in water
  • A rusty metal spacer - due to contact with water
There is an efficient and cost-effective solution

Even if the seal fails, it does not mean that your entire window needs to be replaced. If the frame of your window is still in good condition, replacing the seal is the ideal solution!

Our team can also install better quality insulated glass units that will extend the life of your windows so you can enjoy high-performance glazing!

We install custom-made insulated glass units in both width, height, and thickness. The units are all injected with argon gas and it is also possible to opt for energy-efficient glass or triple glazing.

10 years Warranty!

Fenplast’s insulated glass units sold without windows are guaranteed for a period of 10 years. More details

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